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Introducing Captain, a bot assistant that streamlines family logistics through text 
without downloading any app.

Text ‘Hi’ to Captain at 773-786
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Captain will text instructions on how to get started. Message and data rates may apply.
Shopping list
Create and edit a shared shopping list that everyone in your family can update in real time. Unsure if you remembered everything your kids need to take to school? Coordinate a grocery list among family members? Text Captain for an up-to-date list to keep you in check.
Add eggs, butter, paper towels
You already have eggs on your list. I added butter and paper towels.
Show list
Family grocery list:
Paper towels
Set reminders
Set up reminders for yourself and other family members. Text Captain on the go from your phone knowing your family will be notified on time.
Remind Mark to pick up Jason from varsity soccer practice at 3pm
OK! I'll remind Mark, ‘Pick up Jason from varsity soccer practice’ on Wed, Mar 1 at 3 PM
Remind me to pick up dry cleaning on Saturday at 10 AM
OK! I'll remind you of ‘Pick up dry cleaning’ on Sat, Mar 4 at 10 AM
Get text notifications
Let Captain do the reminding. Get quick notifications that help make managing the family life a lot easier. Captain will remove the coordination burden from you and be the organizer texting you and your family members.
Look up reminders
Captain can look up your reminders by time or family members. Forget what time your wife said your daughter’s dance class is? Text Captain to ask for the location, time, and who is picking up.
Show reminders for today
Ok Mark, I found these reminders:

1. Pick up Jason from varsity soccer practice on Mon, Mar 1 at 3 PM

2. Grocery shopping on Mon, Mar 1 at 5 PM

To remove a reminder type ‘remove <number>’
Manage family logistics without downloading any apps.
Text ‘Hi’ to Captain at 773-786
Start talking to Captain